Global Citizens Workshop

Promoting global citizenship among local-area schools.

Global Water Crisis

Dr. Zarger describes the global water crisis and citizen responses to it –water_global-citizen-presentation1


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Global Research Tools and Information Resources

Susan Ariew, Research Services & Collections Librarian at USF Tampa Library

Susan Ariew’s presentation highlights global resources available to support educators who are developing lesson plans and other teaching strategies about being a global citizen. Another resource that offers links to Global Citizenship Resources is the Global Citizenship Web Guide.

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Genocide, Human Rights and the Int’l Criminal Court

Dr. Scott Solomon explores the universal nature of Human Rights, the emergence of Genocide as a global issue, and the role of the International Criminal Court in prosecuting individuals who violate Human Rights .genocide-and-hr1

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Global Citizens

What does it mean to be a global citizen in the world today? How can citizens act locally to address global issues such as equitable access to food and potable water and the protection of human rights? Dr. Amen explores global-citizenship

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Global Food Crisis

Dr. Richard Nisbett discusses the current world food crisis, illustrates this crisis in Liberia and identifies various implications (including health) of this crisis for local communities throughout the world – global-food-crisis

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Global Citizens Workshop

30 teachers from local-area schools met to discuss and learn about global citizenship and how they can implement those ideas into their classrooms. The Patel Center for Global Solutions at University of South Tampa hosted its first of three Global Citizens Workshops on September 20, 2008. View the presentations highlighting global issues and their impact locally.

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